If you receive a call from an unknown foreign phone number, you must do this

The phone rings and an unknown number from abroad appears, such as Algeria or Tunisia. What can you do best and most importantly, what not? Criminals try to strike through all kinds of digital avenues. They always come up with new, fraudulent tricks. For example, a new fake mail is in circulation almost every week.

Criminal callers are also active. They often call from countries outside Europe, such as Algeria. You will receive a missed call from a telephone number that you do not know, so that you are still curious who called. If you call back, you will hear a band or just a dial tone, but without you noticing, the costs will increase considerably. This type of fraud via foreign telephone numbers is also called 'Wangiri fraud'. A number of Tele2 customers were victims a while back and told their story in the Kassa TV program. They received a surprisingly high bill from their provider at the end of the month because they 'would have been calling for hours to foreign numbers'.

First of all it is of course wise not to answer and not to call back if you receive an unknown, foreign call. Nevertheless, Tele2 customers who did not record claimed that they did receive a high bill. In fact, some people didn't even have their phones in their pocket when they called. Internet expert Danny Mekić was a guest at Kassa. According to him, it may happen that certain Android apps (often free games) automatically give permission for calls, but this is rare. It is of course possible that criminals have found a new way themselves.

It is wise to look up the number in Google. You may see more complaints pass by or the number is already known as fraudulent. If this is the case, you can block the number and inform your provider. Providers have the option of blocking a foreign number of criminals for all its users. In this way you prove yourself and other customers of your provider a service.

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